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Open Source and the concept of “free”


This isn’t a new article – I actually stumbled across it as I was searching for an old email in my inbox.  However, after having made a couple of posts last week about open access it had some renewed relevance to me.  Written by Kevin Kelly, who has the great job title of “Senior Maverick” at ‘Wired’ magazine, the article looks at categories of intangible value we buy when we pay for something that we could get for free.  The “generative” values he lists could help reduce fear in an arena where copies, clones, fakes and counterfeits are commonplace!

Harvard Law School – first to commit to open access



The Harvard Law School faculty voted unanimously last week to provide open access to faculty scholarship in an online repository.  The first link is the official release, and the second is from their blog with some useful links for non IP specialist authors regarding copyrights.

“Strong” or “weak” open access?


OA means many things to many people.  An article on sciencecommons.org earlier this month talked about some fresh definitions to an old problem.  Have a look at the article for more details, and links to further debate.