Daily Archives: June 30, 2008

IP Strategy Meeting of the IP Managers/Focal Points of the CGIAR


Today and tomorrow the IP managers/focal points of the CGIAR are meeting at Bioversity HQ in Rome.  Presentations were made by each of the IP managers about issues their centres have been facing recently.  There were also presentations from: Keith Jones from Washington State University about some of the commercialisation projects he is working on, Gerald Moore from Bioversity International about the International Treaty and Solange Dao from the copyright office in Burkina Faso about copyright practice there. 

Tonight Peter Bloch from CAS-IP will be making a presentation over dinner about market development opportunities using the case study of Ecuadorian cacao and the development of a new chocolate bar.

I just want to say WELCOME TO ROME to all the participants who have come from far and wide to be here this week!