Welcome to the NPI participants!

For the rest of the week CAS-IP will be hosting the 2nd Annual Meeting of the National Partners Initiative.  The participants consist of the IP managers/focal points of the CGIAR, and their nominated national partner counterparts. The group will exchange ideas, experiences and agree on workplans for the coming year. Visit http://www.cas-ip.org/?page_id=40 for more information on this initiative.  I wish everyone a fruitful meeting, and I hope you enjoy your stay in Rome!

One response to “Welcome to the NPI participants!

  1. Peter Bloch

    Being at the IP Manager’s meeting was invaluable for me. It was very stimulating; I made new connections and learned a lot. At a time when the CGIAR is contemplating systemic changes, it seems important to solidify this community of interest and to discuss how we can make a difference.

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