DNA barcoding to help protect local IP in India

This item was on the South India news site newindpress.com about an initiative to collect genetic information of local flora/fauna in Puthenthope (in Kerala, India).  The Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan during the facility’s inauguration said:  “this biodiversity is our inherited wealth… it is our duty to protect them”.  Along with the barcoding there are other facilities – the article mentions this might be the start of a biotech hub in the area.

One response to “DNA barcoding to help protect local IP in India

  1. Irina Curca

    India is doing a lot in terms of biodiversity protection! Is that a new national policy or shy attempts by regional administrations to put their priorities forward?


    Kerala has become the first Indian state to issue its own IP policy to address the controversial issue of TK.

    The policy focuses on protecting the traditional medicine or ayurveda and biodiversity and is designed to address concerns that creating databases on traditional knowledge might make it easier for the companies to appropriate information that might not otherwise be available.

    While apparently a positive development, the newly issued problem is likely to create constitutional problems to the Kerala state, as IP is a subject to be legislated on by the central government.

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