GMOs, Monsanto and the food crisis
This article was written in the light of UN Food Summit in Rome last month, and the plans announced by Monsanto to increase world food production.  Biotech crops are a huge business opportunity for agri business.   Chief Executive of Monsanto Hugh Grant confirmed this saying that their goals aren’t “a feel-good thing” and that “satisfying the demand curve is a great business opportunity”.  Critics however are concerned that this is merely exploiting an opportunity to access new markets.  The article includes the following comments: 

“They are trying to exploit the food crisis as a means to win acceptance for their products,” says Bill Freese, a policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety, a Washington group that opposes GMOs. Pat Roy Mooney, executive director of Ottawa-based ETC Group, which monitors global agriculture policy, says the fear is that Monsanto “will use its muscle power to force governments—often fragile ones—to do what they want.”

The comments section to the original article highlights that the heat in this debate isn’t dying down.

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