Hunger crises in Ethiopia, raising issues about agricultural-led development strategies
Many thanks to Shlomo Bachrach – founder/editor of the East Africa Forum ( for his comment in connection to today’s lead link.

“Ethiopia’s record makes it clear that increasing food production depends on a combination of factors.  The availability of improved seed varieties and fertilizer are necessary but not sufficient.  Availability of a resource does not always lead to its effective use, as anyone who has worked in the developing world is aware.  Public policy, land tenure, farm credit, extension services, appropriate inputs of seed, fertilizer and tools, distribution systems, marketing structures, public awareness and more have to be effective, transparently institutionalized and reliable.  Are Ethiopia’s regular shortfalls merely the result of bad luck?  Or were the recent good years merely due to good luck?  Not mentioned in all of this is the fact that even in good years, Ethiopia needs food assistance.  Since 80% or more of the population is rural, there is reason to believe that Ethiopia needs more than luck to establish food security. “

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