System Dynamics Modelling approach to IPRs in the West African seed sector

I recently updated our website with updates on the System Dynamics Modelling (SDM) research project CAS-IP is working on.  I have listened with interest to how this project is progressing during various presentations over the last year or so.  Sebastian Derwisch who leads the SDM project for CAS, often presents a graphic representation of the work.  This graphic has always sparked interesting debate and new ideas for the case study.  I wanted to take advantage of the blog to present one of these “mind maps” and see what comments readers of this blog might have.



Sebastian wrote:

“This diagram is part of the recent paper that was presented at the System Dynamics conference.  The diagram represents the West-African seed R&D sector.  The underlying question to this presentation is by what structure the growth of investment in R&D in a seed sector is driven. How do factors like research investment of international and national companies develop over time and how does Intellectual Property protection affect this development?  Take as an example the loop in the middle where the research output of the national seed sector depends on the capacity to perform research which depends on the investment that is influenced by sales of products.  Revenues from sales will be higher when IP protection is more effective since higher margins can be charged and less illegal copies will be on the market.  The effectiveness of IP enforcement depends on the extend to which this system is used as the procedures of the legal system will be more efficient, which in turn depends on the research output of the national seed sector. “

Do you think this model is useful in understanding certain aspects of a seed system? 
At what point do you think Intellectual Property variables could be “plugged-in”? 
Do you think this representation is accurate or do you see the dynamics of a West African seed system in a completely different way?

One response to “System Dynamics Modelling approach to IPRs in the West African seed sector

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