Food for thought? What about thought for food?

This NYTimes article talks about the way the US government is currently organised with regards to agriculture.  The writer suggests given that only 2% of the U.S population are farmers yet 100% are “eaters”, that the Agriculture Secretary postition should be renamed the  Secretary of Food.  He goes on to suggest this might help created a more balanced, and healthy farming industry arguing that the strength of farm lobby means industrial farming receives too much support.  His hope is that Mr. Obama may take this into consideration as arguably a reform of the agricultural sector could assist the achievement of his other campaign issues of health care, climate change and energy independence.

This subject reminded me of an awarding winning short film clip I spotted a while back about the changing face of farming from the family farm to the factory farm.  Click HERE to view – its a play on the film the Matrix and is called ‘the Meatrix’.

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