The National Partner Initiative Skills Workshop; Mombasa

From the 12th until the 16th of January CAS-IP is organising the National Partners Initiative Skills Workshop in Mombasa, Kenya.   

This initiative was launched in 2007, and is the start of a community of practice and professional society of IP practitioners.  More details of the initiative can be found on our main website by clicking here.

The skills workshop is going to cover Communications and Knowledge Sharing skills.  This topic was chosen as one of the most common challenges identified by the group in previous meetings was raising IP awareness in their institutes.  We all need to communicate, and Intellectual Property Management in a “public goods” environment is a particularly difficult concept to communicate effectively.  I am sure this next week will help us all think about improvements, or new ways to get our message across in various our work environments.

It is going to be a great chance to catch up with IP colleagues from around the world – and I will have my laptop with me so I can keep on blogging!

Many thanks to our colleagues at ILRI for their invaluable help organising this event!

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