A new commons – the Global Development Commons

I spotted this today – a new “commons” initiative set up by USAID aiming to bring together ideas, people, information and innovation for development.  For more details click here for the USAID site.
Although I couldn’t find out when this initiative started – but I believe its rather new.  There is a section on agriculture and I will follow the RSS to see if anything relevant to our community pops up.  What is it exactly?  It seems to essentially be a knowledge sharing tool – the following description is a quote from the Q&A page.

“Q. What does the Global Development Commons do?
A. Shares development information among those who need it most
Builds communities around advanced tools for the dissemination and interpretation of information
Innovates through competitions designed to bring the best new technology into development work
Partners with other development actors, including companies, donors, governments, and non-governmental organizations, to heighten access to the best quality development knowledge
Invites new actors to engage in trade, development decision-making, and the pursuit of economic growth.”

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