IP Management in the CGIAR

The independent review panel of the CGIAR presented their final report at AGM08 in Maputo. In this PowerPoint presentation, released as part of the AGM08 CGIAR Business Meeting public documentation, six findings were presented. – Finding number 3 was: “the Centers have made progress in addressing intellectual property protection, but more needs to be done”

It was heartening to see that IP issues have been given such weight in the review, and a recognition that CAS-IP has helped the System make a start, but that more resources need to be invested.

In addition, finding 2 talked about the need to take a more strategic approach to partnership and “more thought [needed] to delivery of IPGs (international public goods)”.  IP practitioners know that this also reflects on the importance of doing IP management.  In the summary of “Managing for Results” (MFR) there was also a bullet that said: “IPG and MFR fit; core and delivery accountability”.  These points again have strategic IP management implications.  Would thought towards the delivery of IPGs mean a change to allow targeted-exclusive licensing, in order to effectively reach small-holder farmers, for example?

Let’s hope all will be revealed at the end of the change process.

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