Africa and Intellectual Property; an article by Jeremy Phillips

This article was brought to my attention by Kalpana Sastry from NAARM in Hyderabad (thanks Kalpana!).  It talks about some of the challenges in various aspects of IP management in Africa.  Many of the problems outlined could equally be applicable to many developing countries outside the African continent however.

I am reluctant to choose points to emphasize from this post – it is all relevant!  What is particularly interesting from the CAS perspective is that this article provides a further affirmation that our NPI project is badly needed and very much on the mark with the kind of support that members can derive by participating.  The NPI is a fledgling international professional society for IP practitioners in developing countries. You can find more details on our main website Or search this blog for “NPI” tags to see related posts.

Kalpana, who is an NPI member herself, pointed out the following to me when she sent the link;

“Lack of access to relevant documents for IP practice, communications and links, trained manpower (if trained) and demography…. efforts from CAS-IP work actually aim to help IP practice in developing countries overcome some of these very problems”

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