Daily Archives: April 24, 2009

Follow-up post; IP issues for development 2.0


Following on from yesterday’s blog post regarding development 2.0  there is plenty of evidence that some players in the non-profit world are already embracing these technologies and riding the Web 2.0 wave.   Another link from the PSD blog post was to an article outlining some examples of “development 2.0” projects.  http://web.fumsi.com/go/article/use/2496.  It came from a site that provides information and resources for data sharing (amongst other things).  Also http://www.web2fordev.net/ has a host of information on this topic.

There are of course intellectual property implications!  Many of these web based opportunities rely on data sets and of course collaborations between data sets are required for effective data sharing.  The fumsi.com article says:

“getting datasets out of their respective databases is certainly a challenge due to intellectual property issues and data interoperability”

So the message to IP practitioners is, by all means share — but beware!