The G8 & the agriculture ministers’ meeting
Last month in Rome the G8 Agriculture Ministers’ meeting was held.  The lead link provides all the details anyone would ever need on this meeting (and more…)  Looking at the final declaration point number 5 deserves a special mention.

“5.    We call for enhanced support including investments in agricultural science, research, technology, education, extension services, and innovation. We also commit ourselves to increasingly share technology, processes and ideas with other countries in the interest of increasing the capacity of national and regional institutions and governments, as well as promoting food security. These efforts are vital to increasing sustainable agricultural productivity and rural development in each country, in accordance with various agricultural conditions, respecting biodiversity and improving peoples’ access to food, social and economic development and prosperity. We will continue our support to capacity building in developing countries in sanitary and phytosanitary standards in order to facilitate access to markets and fulfill requirements of consumers.”

Plenty of IP touch-points in there!  Innovation… sharing…

Of course the meeting was reportedly both positive and negative, depending on which version of events you read.  However, surely it can only be a good sign that this meeting took place and that agriculture is receiving this high level focus.  We will keep an eye open as to whether this translates into more attention/action at the main G8 meeting in July.

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