Step towards Europe-wide copyright licence?

Guat Hong Teh posted a comment to a previous CAS-IP blog post in which I had vented my frustrations regarding barriers to purchasing digital media online, cross-border.  I felt the link she included deserved its own blog post! 

The article talks of plans by two European commissioners to create a Europe-wide copyright licence.  It states that currently:

“most online retailers limit sales of media — both digital and in the more traditional formats — to the countries in which they are based because of the complexity of satisfying varying domestic copyright rules and fees”

 Interestingly the global provider Apple has navigated the complex nature of the copyright fee collections across Europe and charges different prices in different countries.  Of course this goes against the spirit of the single market if a consumer must pay one price in European country X and another in European country Y for the same product.  Yet it proves there is a demand and also therefore, a business case to find a solution! 

Let’s see what happens, at the moment it is just a proposal…  However, I for one am keeping my fingers crossed!

2 responses to “Step towards Europe-wide copyright licence?

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