Pig farms, EU subsidies & “de-development”


This is the kind of article one reads, and then wishes they hadn’t. Published in the NYTimes at the height of the media frenzy about “swine-flu” it tells the sorry tale of the transformation of Eastern Europe’s pig farming industry.  Describing how a Fortune 500 company, with the help of E.U subsidies has contributed not only to the decline of local pig farming traditions, but also to the decline of pig farming in some parts of Africa, where local farmers cannot compete with the cheap exported pork that reaches their market.  Read and weep…

One response to “Pig farms, EU subsidies & “de-development”


    Name:Gheorghita OPREA
    Date and place of birth :Risiori de Vede, (Romania) 03.12.1968
    Marital status:Married (have one son age 14)
    Address and cell phone : jud Olt, Bals
    Education: „Titu Maiorescu” University for Law 1996
    Intermidiate English language exam
    Financial Consultant
    Agriculture school
    Jobs: Financial Consultant
    Sales Manager & Marketing

    Working Places: Taxi driver – Fly Taxi Bucuresti
    Celan N.V. Belgium and L & T Trading, Romania – Export – Import Co.
    Sales Manager – Buy-er

    Sc APLAST srl Ploiesti, Craiova

    Sc MAREM IMPEX SRL, Arad in Craiova
    Law adviser
    Tehnician agriculture
    Working experiences: :Working at L & T Trading Craiova Export – Import Co. as Sales Manager and Buy experience. My main task besides representing the company as a Law adviser the successful sales throughout in Romania, to seek for potential buyers for our company’s products as well as permanent communication with buyers and potential buyers and to realize and increase sales. Also to contract agreements, banking relationship, cheking payments and provide whole information about the company’s services and supply. I am fully responsible for the financial operation of the company.
    Abilities/skills:PC knowledge on user level (Outlook, Word-Excel etc)
    Office book-keeping
    Excellent communication, organizing and writing ability, hard working and full responsibility

    Driving licence : B category in 1991

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