Daily Archives: June 16, 2009

Bilski v. Doll


Victoria Henson-Apollonio recently sent me the above link saying: “this is a big deal, a very big deal….” In fact, another indicator of it’s importance is the existence of its own dedicated Wikipedia page

The story dates back to 1997 and an original patent application including business method claims.  It has progressed to the situation reported on PatentlyO this month whereby:

“the Supreme Court has granted certiorari in …[this] important case challenging the scope of patentable subject matter.”

The Patently O blog has been updating coverage on this case since February 2008 so visit the lead link for the list of their previous posts on this matter.

Also, in their usual no-nonsense style, the IP Kat posted an update on the situation.  IPKat said:

“Whether this will sort out the mess that the USPTO is currently in about the boundaries of patentability is anyone’s guess.”

Clearly a case to be watching!