Daily Archives: July 3, 2009

Collaboration for innnovation

Great article on the FT management blog looking at innovation from a management perspective.   How can organisations utilise “social network analysis” for the purpose of ensuring effective collaborative networks?  Effective networkers, the article says, are “efficient value creators”.  

I particularly like the technology system described whereby:

“[meeting attendees have] electronic badges containing data about what each attendee did – so that when colleagues with overlapping knowledge and expertise stood close to each other, lights on their badges would flash.”

Genius!  This could have undoubtedly have useful applications even within an organisation’s HQ…

This subject is related to intellectual property management for a number of reasons.  It’s not only the traditional connections between innovation and IP, but also that these networks and sharing platforms require IP attention in terms of agreements, rights and authorship.  Finally, in the ongoing challenge for intellectual property professionals to raise awareness of IP issues within an organisation, you need to be an effective collaborator yourself!