Peer-to-patent project. Closed, or just on hold?

There have been varying reports about the peer-to-patent project these past weeks.  See the two lead links for some background.  The CAS-IP blog has also made a number of posts in the past about peer-to-patent.

IP Kat published a post at the weekend which included a quote explaining it was all a big misunderstanding, and it is simply the end of a pilot phase to allow for evaluation. The Peer to Patent site itself  in fact does back this up, stating (albeit rather curtly):

“The USPTO has closed the Peer-to-Patent pilot and is no longer accepting new applications.”

Peer-to-patent is no stranger to differing opinions.  One of the more outspoken write ups questioning the project was in the Internet Patent News Service, PATNEWS. (This is available as email only, visit to subscribe.) PATNEWS summed up by saying:

“there is only one solution to the PTO’s prior art problem: providing examiners with the tools and resources they need to do the job on their own”

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