Daily Archives: September 11, 2009

Final day of the World Seed Conference; the Policy Forum


The last day of the world seed conference was dedicated to a policy forum to encourage discussions.  A panel composed of representatives from all organizing institutions and their partners were given the opportunity to react to questions raised from the audience.

Before the open discussions the moderators of the sessions on the previous days were summing up their session’s main messages. In the course of this, the head of the organizing committee, Bernard Le Buanec, mentioned that:

“IP protection is crucial for a sustainable contribution of plant breeding and seed supply”.

In the later discussions, Victoria Henson-Apollonio picked that point up by asking the panel where it sees the role of IP practitioners in the advancement of the seed sector development.  The panelists agreed to the importance of IP management yet there was no clear message as to how IP policies would actually contribute to implementation and adoption.

It was nonetheless encouraging to hear their consensus on the subject matter and to hear Mr Orlando de Ponti, President of the International Seed Federation (ISF) welcoming the CGIAR’s efforts towards IP.   Victoria had mentioned that there were 6 CAS-IP legal participants in the audience to which Orlando had responded:

“you are six and the private sector has at least a thousand so good luck and keep up the good work”.

Post written by Sebastian Poehlmann, consultant to CAS-IP