Daily Archives: October 21, 2009

Self regulation of public goods

NYTimes.com article: “The Non-Tragedy of the Commons”
Interesting point of view about the self regulation of

“resource(s) that don’t belong to anyone”. 

The author sums up some of the arguments from research by Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University into the management of “commons”. 

“the effort to preserve biodiversity should not lead to the destruction of institutional diversity”

Click here to link to the publication “Understanding Knowledge as a Commons. From Theory to Practice” Edited by Charlotte Hess and Elinor Ostrom

Some of my favourtite topics in there — digital media and OA! I will have a quick read of the sample chapters and update this post with any points of interest I find.

Thanks to Irina Curca, Programme Assistant to CAS-IP who sent this link.