Ethiopia – “Will The Real Poor Farmer Rise”

The Ethiopian coffee story continues.

You can read a letter from Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin (CEO of ECX) by visiting this link:

And a response to this from blogger Nazret here:

And Aldo Coffee weighs in here.  (Although a well placed source observed that this item “recirculates misinformation”.)

Because this story is ongoing, we now intend to only post developments we consider to be signficant from an IP/branding/supply chain perspective, especially if there are lessons that might be learned to benefit commodity producers in other countries.

But if you check the poorfarmer and nazret blogs you’ll get a blow by blow account. Eastafricaforum is probably the most reliable source of information on the Horn of Africa, and significant coffee related events are usually posted there.

Post written by Peter Bloch, consultant to CAS-IP


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