USPTO speeds review of green patents

The Register reports that:

“The US Patent and Trademark Office said Monday that it’s launching a test program that will greatly speed the review of “green” technology patents.”

The test program looks like a great idea, but clearly has limitations. USPTO will likely be inundated by fast track requests for applications which are not “green”.  And who will decide which applications get to jump the line?

Read the story at:

And my old favorite, NPRs Marketplace, has a discussion with Aaron McGushion, an inventor:

“MCGUSHION: So imagine they (GE) have 500 applications pending right now. I would imagine that they’d want to put all of them in this program in order to get their patents issued very quickly.”

Post written by Peter Bloch, consultant to CAS-IP

3 responses to “USPTO speeds review of green patents

  1. It’s a welcoming initiative. There is no escape from the impending catastrophe called “CLIMATE CHANGE” unless we do something very fast. USPTO might want to learn how to go about dealing with its fast tract pilot program from UK IPO’s experiences. UK has pioneered fast tracking of clean tech patents sometime back in May 2009. For more reading please use this link:

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