Daily Archives: January 18, 2010

France and Google; plans for alternative to Google Books emerging

According to CNET news, France is planning a possible rival to Google Books.  The plan includes a service initially funded by the government but hoped to be supported by online advertisements after that.

The article reports that Mitterrand (France’s culture minister) had said:

“”Google came to Europe as a conqueror, and many (publishers) have opened the door by signing agreements that I find unacceptable … based on excessive confidentiality, impossible exclusivity, and a casual, even one-sided approach to copyright.””

“France” and “Google” yield a lot of search engine returns of late.  In December a court ruled against Google in a “lengthy copyright infringement case filed by a French publisher” and more recently the so-called “Google Tax” that was recently proposed by Sarkozy.
On the same issue The Telegraph talked of “a new Gallic run-in with Google” and reported:

“Google France’s general director, Olivier Esper, called on the government to “favour co-operation” rather than “a logic of opposition between the worlds of internet and culture, for example, via the logic of taxation”.”

France’s plans have sprung from the recent government-commissioned survey which you can view here, using translation services from guess who….!