Daily Archives: February 22, 2010

Intermediaries’ role in online copyright enforcement; a study

Article on the Media Law Prof Blog earlier this month linking to a paper entitled “Global Trends in Online Copyright Enforcement: a Non-Neutral Role for Network Intermediaries?”.  This is a topic we have pondered on once or twice on the CAS-IP blog, specifically regarding the changing rules of engagement against online piracy.  This paper, written by Jeremy de Beer and Christopher D. Clemmer is an extensive look at the issues, pressures for change, and the action-reaction of shifts in policy in a number of jurisdictions. Implications are complicated, and the environment is ever changing. The paper ends by saying:

“Whether or not intermediaries should ultimately play a more active preventative role in online copyright enforcement remains an open question. That question can be answered in an intelligent manner only if lawmakers and policymakers are informed about its broader context and implications. This article has demonstrated that a major policy shift in the global governance of online intermediaries is taking place with little or no deliberate consideration of the substantive matter, the reasons why such a shift may be happening, or even full realization that the shift is occurring at all.”