Daily Archives: March 17, 2010

Monsanto Technology, the European Court of Justice and Roundup Ready Soybean

This is a continuation of a saga involving Monsanto and the scope of their European patent for Roundup Ready soybeans.  Full details of this saga can be found on the links in this post but, in a nutshell from the IPKat:

“Argentina, the world’s third-biggest soybean exporter after Brazil and the US, is one of the few countries where Monsanto does not hold a patent on the herbicide-resistant seeds. However, a ruling that Monsanto’s European patent is enforceable would let it block those imports.”

Read the full article from IPKat, “Soy far, soy good” for Argentine importers” including the European Court of Justice AG’s (Advocate General) Opinion (in French with an interpretation).

The Bloomberg article (referenced by IPKat) “Monsanto May Lose Bid to Halt Argentinean Soy Imports (Update2)” said:

“The European patent for the trait that makes soybeans resistant to some herbicides doesn’t extend to soy meal made from the patented seeds, Advocate General Paolo Mengozzi of the European Court of Justice said in a non-binding opinion today….

…Monsanto said it was “disappointed” by today’s outcome and will wait for the court’s final decision. Rulings tend to follow within six months of an opinion.”

We’ll be revisiting this news within 6 months then!