Daily Archives: April 7, 2010

Improving services on intellectual property rights and developing a forum for research innovations on forestry in Indonesia

We have the great pleasure in presenting to you the third in a series of five working papers from five Agricultural Research Institutions in developing countries. Supported by the National Partners Initiative (NPI) of the Central Advisory Services on Intellectual Property (CAS-IP) of the Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research (CGIAR), the Centre for Plantation Forest Research and Development in Indonesia (CPFRD) completed a case study on improving services on intellectual property rights at the center level and on setting up a Forestry IP Forum.

IPRs had never been an important issue within CPFRD, due to the general belief among its staff that all research findings and innovation generated in the centre ought to remain in the public domain. Through intensive discussions among the research managers, scientists and supporting staff within the CPFRD, a clearer understanding about IPRs and its potential role in stimulating research and innovation has evolved, and IPRs are now becoming one of the priority issues within the CPFRD. The centre has now developed some initial “IPRs Policy Guidelines”, a manual of procedures for IPRs application, and has initiated a Forestry IP Forum among forestry research institutions and practitioners in Indonesia.

These case studies aim to share country experiences from developing countries in the areas surrounding IP policy making, policy implementation and use of IPRs by researchers for leveraging more benefits to the stakeholders, people, institutions and countries.

The full text can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Post written by Karine Malgrand, Facilitator of the National Partners Initiative for CAS-IP