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Innovation moving to Asia

In its annual survey of innovation, The 50 Most Innovative Companies, Business Week magazine found that:

Fifteen of the Top 50 are Asian and for the first time since Bloomberg BusinessWeek[1] began its annual Most Innovative Companies ranking in 2005, the majority of corporations in the Top 25 are based outside the U.S. The reason: the new global leaders coming out of Asia.

If you’re interested in innovation, the report and its descriptions of the companies is a good read.

The US lost an estimated 2.4 million factory jobs to China over the last decade.  Now its “innovation edge” is at risk, suggesting that those who are lobbying for education reform are on the right track.  New approaches need to be found to educate and impassion the next generation of scientists and original thinkers in the US.

California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, thinks he has a solution:  radical new measures to make California the bellwether state again — as the leader in reducing greenhouse gases.  Check out The Big Energy Gamble

Post written by Peter Bloch, consultant to CAS-IP

[1] Bloomberg recently bought Business Week from McGraw Hill