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Inviting Your Input into the Mid-Term Review and Future Scenarios of the CGIAR Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property

The Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the DGIS-funded project at the CGIAR Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property (CAS-IP) is an internally commissioned and managed review originally designed to inform management of the project within CAS-IP and DGIS. However, it is taking place at a time of great change in the CGIAR and the international agricultural research-for-development community in general. Consequently, DGIS have requested that the MTR also focuses on the development of a robust set of recommendations for the development of effective IP management systems for the CGIAR and its partners in the future.

This is no small task and your input is very important!

The MTR, which is taking place during April – June 2010, will use multiple methods and sources of information to assess CAS-IP performance and recommend options for institutionalizing professional IP Management in the CGIAR and partner organizations.  The Summary Terms of Reference provides further information.

An e-survey and interviews will involve respondents from three groups of primary clients: the Centers of the CGIAR, the CGIAR system-wide initiatives and the CGIAR partners in low income countries. The review team is also eager to seek input from well informed opinions beyond the network of those usually asked to comment on changes in the CGIAR. Thus, the review team invites unsolicited feedback on CAS-IP from any stakeholder group who would like to submit their comments by emailing casip2010review@gmail.com. All comments sent to this address will remain confidential amongst the review team, and no direct attribution of comments will be made in the review report.

Alternatively, please feel free to initiate a dialogue on specific issues through this blog site.

We would be particularly grateful if you could take 15 minutes to complete the e-survey

English available at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/casip2010review

French (available soon)

Spanish (available soon)

Nepal to register TMs for tea and coffee

The government has initiated steps for promoting registration of trademark and international branding of tea and coffee — two popular high potential cash crops that can help trade diversification and widen the country´s export basket.


In an attempt to reverse the economic impact of a decline in exports of clothing and carpets, Nepal’s National Tea and Coffee Development Board (NTCDB) will coordinate the trademark program and identify ways to promote them in the international markets.  Traders believe that their tea is on a par with Darjeeling and hope that this program will enable them to increase export income.

As mentioned in previous posts, the use of trade marks (or GIs) to boost export revenues needs to be considered within the context of a well formulated market development plan which also addresses enforcement (see https://casipblog.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/can-science-reverse-erosion-of-darjeeling-brand-credibility).

Thanks to Shlomo Bachrach at eastafricaforum.net for this news item.

Post written by Peter Bloch, consultant to CAS-IP