Daily Archives: August 23, 2010

The new face of author lists?

Interesting article on predictions regarding the future of multiple authorship.  NYTimes article entitled “In a Video Game, Tackling the Complexities of Protein Folding

Victoria Henson-Apollonio,who sent me the link summarised:

“57,000 game players contributed to the development of an understanding of how 10 different proteins, “self” fold.  In the cell, the 3-dimensional shape of a molecule seems to be a most important attribute as many things “work” on the basis of “fit”.  (Think how important it is for your shoes to “fit” your feet, if you are going to try to walk and run…)”

The article quotes “Zoran Popovic, a computer scientist at the University of Washington who was a lead author of the paper” as saying:

“If things go according to plan, not too long from now, such massive author lists should be commonplace.”

Whenever we talk about authorship I remember the NPI meeting in Mombasa when we had an entire roomful of IP practitioners discuss (loudly) author and co-authorship. (follow link for write-up of this in the CGIAR e-news)  I wonder what discussions led to the inclusion of 57,000 contributors.  Well done to whoever pushed for this inclusive recognition!