WIPD hopes to be confused with WIPO; spot the difference!

I read with alarm the IPKat post last week regarding the WIPD site.
Friday fantasies“.  Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention IPKat.

The post concerns a website calling itself WIPD, which mimics the branding of WIPO and requests fees for dubious and badly defined services.  Even the strapline is similar; WIPO = “Encouraging Creativity and Innovation” and WIPD = “Imagine Creativity and Innovation.”  Whilst I easily found their list of fees, I couldn’t find the mechanism for processing them. Nonetheless the site is confusing in its content and closely follows the “look and feel” of the WIPO site, so at the very least it is compromising the integrity of the WIPO brand.  See for yourself!

the official WIPO logo (legitimate)

the official WIPO logo (legitimate)

WIPD logo (dubious)

WIPD logo (dubious)

The IPKat entry on Friday was an update from last week’s post in which they said:

“The IPKat is horrified that scam-merchants such as WIPD should be enabled to masquerade as a United Nations Agency in order to deceive and rip off gullible patent applicants, from whom it seeks substantial funds for its worthless services…”

The IPKat called on “WIPO to do something about it“.. and that “all patent practitioners to be aware of this rogue enterprise.”  I share IPKats disbelief that this is continuing.  It is nothing if not ironic…

4 responses to “WIPD hopes to be confused with WIPO; spot the difference!

  1. UPDATE!
    Since posting this item there has been confirmation of what WIPO has been doing to tackle the situation.
    See the IPKat post: http://ipkitten.blogspot.com/2011/01/wipo-v-wipd-some-good-news-at-last.html

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  3. I just got a request today from WIPD for me to renew a trademark I’ve never heard of. I’m glad people are mentioning this scam online now.

  4. Oh, that’s bad news! They are being more proactive then! Could you send me a copy of the email and I can post it to alert others. Of course I will remove your personal details first…. Look forward to hearing from you. Kay

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