Seed Business Development Officer; post open at AFSTA in Nairobi

I thought this announcement I received via email today might be of interest to some of our readers.

The African Seed Trade Association, based in Nairobi, are looking for a Seed Business Development Officer who will:

  • Engineer and manage activities related to seed demand creation and productivity improvements;
  • Promote the emergence of new seed businesses;
  • Foster existing seed companies through technical backstopping and business management consulting at national and regional levels;
  • Map out all key organizations with complementary roles with AFSTA and liaise with them;
  • Work closely with AFSTA projects’ partners such as COMESA, ECOWAS, USAID, ASARECA, among others;
  • Help AFSTA stakeholders with their seed business development project proposals;
  • Develop AFSTA’s position on issues related to seed business development in Africa;
  • Develop and implement AFSTA seed business development strategic plan;
  • Provide tools that will empower African seed companies to take advantage of opportunities for seed business development;
  • Manage the seed business development revolving funds in liaison with the National Seed Trade Associations’ Seed Business Development officers.

The deadline is 28th Feb 2011, full details are available in a document posted on their website HERE.


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