AGRA seedco grantee featured on BBC TV news

The Faso Kabo Seed Company, Bamako, Mali, has aggressively promoted improved seed provided by the West Africa Seed Alliance to farmers in Mali and beyond.  The innovative nature of the venture scored an AGRA grant for the owner, Maimouna Coulibaly in 2009.

You can watch Komla Dumor’s interview, which focuses on an improved, disease-resistant tomato variety, with Madame Coulibaly at “Planting seeds of success in Mali” and read a “success story” featuring the seed company “Finding Hope in Farming (Mali)

Access to improved seed – or the lack thereof – continues to be a major factor in low agricultural ouput across Sub-Saharan Africa.  In this case, however, the fruits of agricultural research are reaching small-holder farmers.

Post written by Peter Bloch 

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