Publishers’ initiative on open access

Peter Suber highlighted this meeting in his newsletter (SPARC Open Access Newsletter, issue #155).   It’s the “PA-ALPSP Journal Publishers’ Forum: Open access: the next ten years“, taking place in London on the 31st of March.

The forum website says:

“Open access is here to stay, and has the support of our key partners.  Funders see it as the way to maximise access and impact for the research they fund, policy makers are under pressure to make it happen.  Publishers know it is much more complicated and threatening to make it work than is apparent to the advocates and the fund holders.  But we would benefit from having a compelling, coherent and above all positive story to tell about the role we can play in achieving these objectives.

So what can the industry do to respond more pro-actively and positively to open access, while keeping an open mind on individual business models?  We want to be seen as partners in the process of science, in the discovery, dissemination, show-casing and stewardship of the outputs of science.  Can we learn not just to live with open access, but to love it as well?  Has the time come to turn the threat into an opportunity?”

Referring to this meeting, Peter Suber said:

“OA is much easier with publisher cooperation than without it.  There’s already a good deal of cooperation…But there’s still too much lobbying against green OA policies, too much misrepresentation of OA, and too little acknowledgement that OA is better than TA for research and researchers, and … that institutions mission-bound to advance research (universities, libraries, societies, funders, and governments) have mission-related reasons to foster or require it. “

That’s worth repeating, too little acknowledgement that institutions mission-bound to advance research, have mission-related reasons to foster or require it.

Access to the forum isn’t open however, it’s for publishers only!  I hope there will be some write-ups where we can read about the ideas presented.

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