Daily Archives: March 29, 2011

Nerica in the news

Short post today. I wanted to post this article from Business Daily Africa.com entitled: “Drought-resistant grain to transform Kenya rice farming” that talks about a product many of you will be familar with, —Nerica (developed by the Africa Rice Center), in Kenya:

Kenyan farmers will soon be able to grow rice without using flood waters for irrigation as the Government and development partners move to improve yields through a drought-resistant variety…  Researchers have identified a new seed type dubbed New Rice for Africa (Nerica), a dry land variety

According to the article (and quoting Mr Gaita, Director of Irrigation and Sewerage Services at the water Ministry):

“…poor research methods on rice seeds had hit productivity…the country’s output does not meet demand which currently stands at 285,000 tonnes per year… “The deficit which is 200,000 tonnes is met by importing rice. We want to avert this through introduction of dry land rice””

It would be good to see more articles like this which help promote the potential benefits of important innovations so they can become more widespread. 

Thanks to Peter M for the Business Daily link.