Daily Archives: May 10, 2011

The Vatican, blogging & copyright

I was reading about a recent meeting of bloggers in Rome, organised by the Vatican.  The post from Techdirt:  “Could The Ultimate Legacy Organization – The Vatican – Be Out In Front On Copyright?” reports that:

“Italian blogger and author Mattia Marasco highlighted the importance of attribution, but said that copyright is “an old model,” when it comes to new media…

…The Vatican also announced an upcoming News.va website, which will make extensive use of social media and apparently use a non-commercial Creative Commons license”

In a Pontifical Council for Social Communications blog post about the event (which is unfortunately available only in Italian) there was mention of the importance not just of communication, but also of interaction. Listening and responding to feedback and responses to gauge how the message has been received.   Social media tools are perfect for this approach. 

For those involved in public sector communication, it would be well worth watching how the Vatican embraces new media, and how it deals with copyrights.  They have, after all, a very long history of communicating content!