UK Copyright Law: “current system has failed to “keep pace” with the fast-moving digital economy”

This was one of the messages included in the news item, “Vince Cable to back copyright law reform”.  The article talked a lot about what was going to be said ahead of a review of the UK copyright system due to be published this week.

“Chaired by Professor Ian Hargreaves and assisted by a panel of experts… It aims to identify barriers to growth within the IP framework, which consists of the rules and regulations covering how IP is created, used and protected …

…The IP Review team has published a call for evidence that seeks information on how well the current IP system serves to help promote entrepreneurialism, economic growth, social and commercial innovation.”

According to the Guardian article it is expected the report will “call for a loosening and simplification of some aspects of copyright law.”  We will have to wait and see what details are included when the report is published shortly.  It is encouraging that this report acknowledges the barriers to research efforts.  The Guardian said:

“The minister is expected to say that “one of Hargreaves’s great contributions has been to show the importance of copyright in less obvious contexts. He describes how academic work on malaria – which seeks to draw on previous research through a process known as data mining – is being stymied by copyright and contract restrictions.””

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