Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

When might Chief IP Officer (CIPO) job be more commonplace?

A post on the Intellectual Asset Management blog talked about some predictions made by a group of professionals (including CIPOs and service providers) about the role of Chief IP Officer in the future.  See “Chief IP officers reveal their worst nightmares”

“…we asked both the CIPOs and the service providers to answer this question: “On what date will 70% of in-house heads of IP be CIPOs?” … it is pretty clear that few expect it to happen any time soon. The average answer was October 2030; the median November 2021. Eight respondents told us that it would never happen!

…we are still a long way from the day when the CIPO is as commonplace as the CTO, the CFO and the CEO…”

A possible remedy?  “..Education and a series of success stories are the key..” So, more awareness building which was highlighted time again at our NPI meetings as vital to the overall success of IP management.

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