New bills to change the US patent system

Quick update on patent reform in the USA from an opinion piece in Business Week: “Let the Patent Office Keep Its Money”  

The writer’s point of view is clearly against any kind of fee diversion from the patent office.  He says the USPTO’s inability to increase staff to match the increase in patent/trademark applications has led to severe delays.  Apparently the Senate doesn’t allow the office to keep all of the fees collected and so:

 “…it now takes nearly three years for patent applications to be evaluated. This means that high-tech companies must make investment decisions without knowing for several years if their intellectual property will be protected. It’s not surprising that this uncertainty is making some of them reluctant to invest in new products and services.”

We have frequently blogged news about calls for reform to the system in the US.  There might not be consensus on exactly which reforms should be implemented, but there plenty of voices agreeing that something needs to be done to improve the current system.

(thanks to Peter Bloch for sending me this link)

2 responses to “New bills to change the US patent system

  1. Clearly, the foregoing indicate there is a need for reforms.It beats logic for one to start his/her venture without a clear direction fro the office that is concerned.I am surprised its happening in the US.If it were our continent I would understand. An urgent action is required !

  2. thanks for the comment! The article (and many others like it) cite the increase volume as the real root of the problem. “From 2000 to 2010, the annual number of patent applications increased 65 percent, from 315,015 to 520,277” said Business Week.
    But of course nothing is as simple as it first might seem. Many of the (often angry) comments left by readers hint at protectionism for multinational interests, and the potential negative impact on small business and inventors.
    See my previous blog posts on the first to file v. first to invent for more on this:

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