Can a monkey own copyrights?

A great copyright dilemma discussed on the 1709 blog about a photo taken by a monkey.  Quite a good picture too, good enough to be published in a newspaper under a copyright notice.  But who really owns the copyright?  The post “Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey get Copyright, too?” explores the issues involved…

The plot thickens (probably more than it needed to) if you read Techdirt item “Monkeys Don’t Do Fair Use; News Agency Tells Techdirt To Remove Photos” This moves the debate on to the principle of Fair Use, and also highlights the dangers of quick-fire email replies.

You can see the works of art in question by reading the item: “Cheeky monkey! Macaque borrows photographer’s camera to take hilarious self-portraits.” Not sure I am entirely convinced it’s a genuine story, but that is another debate entirely…!

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