Intangible, invisible and of rapidily growing importance – IP

This week I caught up with an episode of a BBC podcast “Peter Day’s World of Business” that was all about intellectual property.

As you would expect the issue of copyright in the digital economy was discussed at length – to listen visit the link below.

Well worth a listen!

GlobalBiz: Take a Copy: 09 July 11 (Duration: 27 mins)

“Intellectual property sounds an innocuous enough idea, but patents and copyright have recently been stirring up a lot of strife. Peter Day finds out why copyright in particular is such a contentious issue in the Internet age.”

2 responses to “Intangible, invisible and of rapidily growing importance – IP

  1. There are two items in this discussion that captured my attention:
    1.There is this gentleman who reckoned that unscrupulous chaps hacked into their software database and released their ideas to the market without their information or permission.THIS IS ONE OF THE DANGERS OF INTERNET AGE AND IT IS BOUND TO GET MORE CONTENTIOUS AND EVEN NASTY.
    2.The second item is more captivating-it was highlighted that one can take a mortgage on IP.I wonder how this is calculated and valued.I am eager to be informed on this.
    I re-emphasize that protection of ideas,discovery (IP-patents and copyrights) is of critical importance.

  2. I agree that it certainly seems things are going to get worse before they get any better! The Economist ran a couple of articles recently, that I will blog soon. About online piracy and entitled “Rights and wronged” they quoted the Social Science Research Council (a US, non-profit) as saying “little evidence – and indeed few claim – that enforcement efforts to date have had any impact whatsoever on the overall supply of [of pirated media]” – this suggests the industry may need to rethink protection too…

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