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Peer-to-patent project. Closed, or just on hold? and articleID=218401497 There have been varying reports about the peer-to-patent project these past weeks.  See the two lead links for some background.  The CAS-IP blog has also made a number of posts in the past about peer-to-patent. IP … Continue reading

The next USPTO Director & the Peer-to-Patent experiment Obama has chosen Patent Attorney David Kappos to be the next Undersecretary Of Commerce For Intellectual Property And Director Of The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO).  Here is an article related to a US-National Public Radio interview with … Continue reading

“Crowdsourcing” in the patent community, soliciting prior art & preparing defensive publications This item on ManagingIP talks about the recently launched “Linux Defenders” programme.  The latest peer-to-patent programme which aims to “increase patent quality for software inventions and reduce litigation.”  CEO of Open Invention Network, Keith Bergelt (one of founders of … Continue reading

The problem with the patent system; too many lawyers and not enough inventors? In an article about the Peer-to-Patent programme“too many lawyers and not enough inventors” was one of the criticisms of the current US patent system ( story link above).  Unfortunately, and jokes aside, that’s not the only criticism.  An overwhelmed … Continue reading

“The Valley of Death” between scientific discovery and the drs office

According to a Newsweek Special Report on Health Innovation. From 1996 to 1999 the U.S. food and Drug Administration approved 157 new drugs. In the comparable period a decade later—that is, from 2006 to 2009—the agency approved 74. Not among … Continue reading