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Communication tools for communities of practice events


The above link will take you to a document that was produced by Bev Trayner after she facilitated a workshop as part of the NPI in January of this year

The document is called “Learning activities: some communication tools for communities of practice events”.  Almost all of the members of the NPI have talked about the importance of raising awareness of IP issues within their institutions.  These tools and methods can be employed to achieve just that.  IP management isn’t an easy concept to communicate so creativity in ones approach can certainly help transfer the message more effectively.

The need to do a better job when explaining the role of IP


This is a problem; explaining the importance of IP to a non-IP audience, particularly at a high level.  This item on the ipeg blog looks at this problem in connection to global economic growth (or lack of…) The importance of IP is not a topic one can easily sum up in an elevator pitch! Last year we put some considerable effort into trying to explain what we do in no more than 5 bullet points. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  IP management within a public goods environment is particularly tricky as most non-IP audiences will equate IP with patents and protection of IP for commercial gain.

Victoria Henson-Apollonio, the CAS-IP manager, has committed to drafting performance indicators for encouraing effective IP & TT management in the CG Centers and System, in the next year. These should help with our understanding how IP fits into, and influences the effective distribution of the work of the agricultural research insititutes.