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Expression of interest; Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge in the Pacific

The following text is an email that was recently circulated for an expression of interest for a study. (Thanks Helen for forwarding).  Applications close on 15 July 2010.

The text of the email reads:

CTA/SPC Initiative:

Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge in the Pacific

Expression of interest are invited for provision of consultancy services to undertake independent, rigorous and detailed study to assist SPC provide its member PICTs with the appropriate tools to protect and promote traditional/indigenous knowledge, specifically within the context of the ITPGRFA, at the regional and national levels.

The scope of activities should include (but is not limited to);

*      A review of international, regional and/or national and/or local initiatives and best practices to comply with Article 9 of the ITPGRFA;
*      An assessment of SPC’s responsibilities and opportunities for addressing the protection of traditional/indigenous knowledge in relation to the ITPGRFA;
*      Consultations in three ITPGRFA Contracting Parties(including Fiji) through in-country visits to explore their understanding, application of and concerns around Article 9 of the ITPGRFA;
*      Consultations with key stakeholders at the regional and international level to identify areas for partnership and collaboration to advance the protection of traditional/indigenous knowledge relevant to PGRFA and enhance farmers’ rights in accordance with Article 9 of the ITPGRFA.

The consultancy services are to be provided over 25 working days to complete the first draft of the report to SPC for comments and feedback.  Five days will be allocated to the desk review, fifteen days to the field visits and five days to complete the report. SPC will review the drafts; recommend adjustments and other inputs for a second draft.  The consultancy should take place in July-August 2010.

Expressions of interest should contain the following information:
*      Details of the consultant including curriculum vitae, referees, past experience in this area of work and demonstrated ability to meet deadlines
*      A listing of previous similar assignments with fees received
*      Availability
*      Description of suggested methodology
*      Work plan with suggested timeline

For detailed Terms of reference, please contact Sushil Narayan at sushiln@spc.int <mailto:sushiln@spc.int>  or phone 3370733 ext, 226

Expressions of Interest should be sent to: Attention: Mrs Sushil Narayan, SPC, Private, Mailbag Suva Fiji,  Phone 3370733 ext 226,  Or on sushiln@spc.int

Application close on 15 July 2010

Qualified and experienced women and Pacific Islanders are encouraged to apply.

SPC: http://www.spc.int/