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Update on Green Patents

In mid-December https://casipblog.wordpress.com/2009/12/14/uspto-speeds-review-of-green-patents/ we reported on a USPTO fast-track program for green patents.

The July issue of Scientific American reports http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=patent-still-pending that:

…the agency (USPTO) has approved only about one third of the requests it has received, disappointing inventors and even the Patent Office itself. The program’s acceptance rate is “less than I would have expected,” says Robert L. Stoll, the agency’s commissioner for patents.

USPTO is considering changes to the rules that would enable more applications to get on the fast-track, but there are other factors.  Perhaps most significant is summarized by Mark Bünger, a research director at Lux Research, a New York–based technology consulting firm, who claims that “there will never be something like a killer app in clean technology”.  

History indicates that innovation is often driven by inventions in unrelated technologies which, when combined, enable breakthroughs to emerge.

Post written by Peter Bloch    , consultant to CAS-IP

USPTO speeds review of green patents

The Register reports that:

“The US Patent and Trademark Office said Monday that it’s launching a test program that will greatly speed the review of “green” technology patents.”

The test program looks like a great idea, but clearly has limitations. USPTO will likely be inundated by fast track requests for applications which are not “green”.  And who will decide which applications get to jump the line?

Read the story at:

And my old favorite, NPRs Marketplace, has a discussion with Aaron McGushion, an inventor:

“MCGUSHION: So imagine they (GE) have 500 applications pending right now. I would imagine that they’d want to put all of them in this program in order to get their patents issued very quickly.”

Post written by Peter Bloch, consultant to CAS-IP