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A new open access offering; from the Nature Publishing Group!

Nature Publishing Group press release
In 2010 the Nature Publishing Group will launch a new title “Nature Communications” and it will have an Open Access (OA) option.  This is great news!  Whilst an “Author Pays” publishing model isn’t new to the Nature Publishing Group (NPG), this will be the first time it is available for a title with the prestigious “Nature” branding.

Visit the Sherpa site to find more information on current OA options in NPG.

Taken from the press release the new publication, Nature Communications will:

“publish research papers in all areas of the biological, chemical and physical sciences, encouraging papers that provide a multidisciplinary approach…A team of independent editors, supported by an external editorial advisory panel, will make rapid and fair publication decisions based on peer review, with all the rigour expected of a Nature-branded journal.”

They go on to say:

“authors will be able to publish their work either via the traditional subscription route, or as open access through payment of an article processing charge (APC). Authors who choose the open-access option will be able to license their work under a Creative Commons license, including the option to allow derivative works”

This really is good news!  Now publishing scientists can have both the prestige and recognition of publishing in Nature AND make their work available to all.  They are now accepting submissions; see today’s press release from Nature Publishing.