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Funding opportunities for post-doc and PhD fellowships in various IP policy areas

I was sent this earlier today, and thought it might be of interest to readers.  A notice for post-doc and PhD fellowship at BIOGOV research unit Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

“funding opportunities for post-docs and PhD Fellowships in the policy areas of global commons and global public goods, global governance, science and technology policy and international law, including intellectual property and access and benefit sharing…”

Please note, the deadline for application is: 15 September 2011.

You can download the full announcement here.  Thanks to the Bioversity Capacity Development Unit for circulating this notice.  This, and similar announcements have also been posted on the Bioversity International website.


“Agricultural Research Needs Better Intellectual Property Rules”

See news item recently published on the University of Guelph blog.  “Agricultural Research Needs Better Intellectual Property Rules.  Consumers and low-income farmers benefit from agricultural innovations

The article talks about the Review that took place of CAS-IP this year, chaired by Prof Helen Hambly from Guelph’s School of Environmental Design and Rural Development (SEDRD).

“We need a clear set of rules to guide public-private partnerships, to ensure the integrity of public research, and to enable innovation and communication of research results to benefit low-income countries,” says Hambly, chair of the review team for the CGIAR Central Advisory Service for Intellectual Property.

Updating intellectual property (IP) rules in global agricultural research will help various groups, she says. Poor farmers and consumers, for instance, look to the benefits of science and innovation to deal with the effects of climate change, growing poverty and rising food prices. “There’s a big risk that the world’s poor will be left behind…

..Better co-ordination of private research and publicly funded science is critical…”

You can view the report on the CAS-IP website “CAS-IP Review” – and it’s not too late to comment either.  We have an open consultation until the end of the year on issues the review raises for IP in ag dev.  Either follow the links to the comment board, or email k.chapman@cgiar.org directly.

Self regulation of public goods

NYTimes.com article: “The Non-Tragedy of the Commons”
Interesting point of view about the self regulation of

“resource(s) that don’t belong to anyone”. 

The author sums up some of the arguments from research by Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University into the management of “commons”. 

“the effort to preserve biodiversity should not lead to the destruction of institutional diversity”

Click here to link to the publication “Understanding Knowledge as a Commons. From Theory to Practice” Edited by Charlotte Hess and Elinor Ostrom

Some of my favourtite topics in there — digital media and OA! I will have a quick read of the sample chapters and update this post with any points of interest I find.

Thanks to Irina Curca, Programme Assistant to CAS-IP who sent this link.