about CAS-IP

CAS-IP stands for the Central Advisory Service on Intellectual Property. 

what do CAS-IP do?

  • assist, support, facilitate, and secure access to intellectual assets as public goods.
  • contribute legal information to the CGIAR that benefits subsistence farmers in developing countries.
  • maintain a knowledge base of IP lessons learned within CGIAR.
  • provide market development, planning, and implementation.
  • consult on IP risk management, licensing, and design of distribution and supply chains.
  • introduce the next generation of lawyers to “agricultural public goods” practice

the CAS-IP mission statement

The CAS mission is to assist the Alliance Centres of the CGIAR, their partners and the CGIAR System as a whole in a comprehensive approach to management of Centre intellectual assets as public goods. To do this we provide transactional support, capacity building and facilitation of the sharing of experiences across the Centres.

This mission implies the full spectrum of product development, distribution and effective use in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.

The overall goal/vision of CAS-IP is to enable access and use of CGIAR products for the benefit of the poor through effective IP and technology transfer management.

For more information on the Consultative Group on International Agriculture (CGIAR) please visit www.cgiar.org.  For more information about CAS-IP please contact k.chapman@cgiar.org

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